Wings – 2013


Rank Team Recipe
1 Midnight Smoker 7
2 E.R. BBQ 6
3 ChiliMan 27 25
4 HSMC Orizon LLC 18
5 Great Bowls of Fire – 002 5
6 Chili Chiefs 28
7 Sweet Caroline 26
8 Smokin KC BBQ 13
9 Monkeys Playing with Peppers Duo 10
10 Monkeys Playing with Peppers 11
11 Simmerin Bean Team 12


Salsa Rankings – 2013


Rank Team Recipe
1 Chipotle Head Chili 25
2 LSD 27b
3 Simmerin Bean Team 12
4 Bling Bling Chili Queens 1a
5 Bling Bling Chili Queens 1b
6 LSD 27c
7 Bling Bling Chili Queens 1c
8 Smokin KC BBQ 13
9 Midnight Smoker 7
10 Big TOM and the Chili Kings 2
11 E.R. BBQ 6
12 Great Bowls of Fire – 001 4
13 LSD 27a


Homestyle Rankings – 2013


Rank Team Recipe
1 Friendship, Love and Chili 16a
2 LSD 27
3 E.R. BBQ 6
4 HSMC Orizon LLC 18c
5 Team Awesome 14
6 Great Bowls of Fire 002 5
7 Bling Bling Chili Queens 1
8 Chili Chiefs 28a
9 Downtown Divas 3
10 Lees Summit Hospital 19
11 TIM 15
12 Chili Cheifs 28b
13 Simmerin Bean Team 12a
14 Sausage Feast 24b
15 Midnight Smoker 7
16 HSMC Orizon LLC 18a
17 Simmerin Bean Team 12c
18 Reggies Downtown Raiders 8
19 Big TOM and the Chili Kings 2
20 Smokin KC BBQ 13
21 Simmerin Bean Team 12b
22 Sausage Feast 24a
23 HSMC Orizon LLC 18b



Our very own, Kevin Stovall of Chipotle Chili Heads was on air, LIVE this morning on Channel 41′s show, KC Live. The chili was so good the host had two bowls and even bragged about how good it was on air with the weather wan!

Take a look… ChiliFest TV

ChiliFest 2013 Official Rules

Attached below are the official rules for ChiliFest 2013!!  Rules

A few things to note;

-Tasting cups will no longer be the cooks responsibility to fill and hand out! You’ll just need to fill a single cup at a time as folks come thru.

-The Peoples Choice awards are back! We will have buckets with your team name on them to hand out the morning of ChiliFest, be sure to tell folks the funds go to charity, they can put as much money in the bucket as they want (as so can you…)

-Again this year as in every year past, there is no power supplied on site. You will need to use propane for your stoves.



Recipes… What to do?

ChiliFest is coming up in under a month, do you have your favorite recipe mastered? Will you go for the gold with a CASI entry? Or try something off the shelf with the Homestyle category? Don’t forget the wings and salsa either!

This year with an entry into any of the four categories you can make as many variations as you’d like! That should make it easier to decide!

Here are the winners from 2012 in each of this years categories;

HOMESTYLE – Sean Groff – Sausage Feat

Salsa - Gaylyn Keough – Bling Bling Chili Queens

Wings - Tony Berberich - 50 Shades of Chili

CASI – don’t seem to have this record, HELP SOMEONE!

Think you have what it takes to beat these champions from 2012?

If not, those who can’t cook, judge! Email Chad Waldo @ if you want to judge this years Champions!

ChiliFest 2013

ChiliFest is just around the corner! Be sure to mark your calendars for September 7th!

A few bits of news and notes;
-New entry form has been posted on the SignUp page.
-T-Shirts this year will be limited to only corporate entries (up to 10 per), these shirts come with your corporate entry
-Tasting still costs 5 bucks each, however you will receive your own cups and spoons. This means the cooks will NOT have to have cups at the ready!
-Peoples Choice is back! The only cash you will need is to vote for your favorite cooks!
-Debit and Credit Cards will be accepted for tasting, beer and all other food, NO CASH needed!
-New poster is here for you to share with family and friends! CHILIFEST-2